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Week 1: Internal Bleeding

The First Chapter on your Journey is Entitled "Internal Bleeding"! You will need to set aside at least 1 hour per Day. Find A quiet space, make this a part of your self- care routine. If you do not have a self-care routine, begin one today!!! You are about to embark on a self-healing journey, starting from the inside. A lot of you reading this are bleeding on the inside emotionally, and don't even know it!!!

We are about to to begin internal emotional surgery, we are going to unpack some stuff, we are going to expose what's been keeping you from experiencing the Love that God desires everyone to have. You and I worthy of all the love we desire, but we must get to the root of what's been keeping us from drawing the type of person we deserve.

Keep in mind, you must DO THE WORK! At the end of the chapter there are intimate questions that need to be answered honestly. Like the woman with the "Issue of Blood", you must be desperate for

your own healing!

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