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Week 2: The Spirit of Loneliness

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

I use to think Loneliness was a just a feeling, that is was something that I has no control over. As a Christian, I believe that our emotions are inner twined with our Spirit. I believe the way we feel is often time to people we encounter, our experiences, how we were raised and what we believe.

Abandonment issues often lead to the "Spirit of Loneliness", we look at abandonment as rejection

and if not addressed we will accept what appears to be love to fill voids that are really old wounds in our Spirit that have never healed.

In week 2 we will explore the Spirit of Loneliness, as a single I know this Spirit all to well! I was very familiar with Loneliness, this feeling often led to me living in fear! Fear of never finding someone or fear of dyeing alone. It has taken me years to overcome this Spirit and it was not easy. I am confident that you are capable of overcoming this Spirit as well if you are willing to do the work!

I look forward to our discussion/your feedback on Week 2's lesson!

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